Cajun Chicken, Vegetables and Cornbread

Cajun Chicken, Vegetables and Cornbread

Despite my ever-present desire to try new recipes, I tend to gravitate toward meals that incorporate the same spice and extract blends, which you will find below.

  • Hot, smoky and spicy 
    • Cumin, chili powder, black pepper, garlic powder
    • Perfect for Mexican-style dishes
  • Traditional 
    • Paprika, black pepper, salt
    • Good for simple chicken, beef and egg recipes
  • Thai or Asian
    • Garlic powder, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, chili powder
    • Works well for chicken and beef meals
  • Baking Blends

Although I love these combinations, my taste buds crave something different every once in a while. My dad keeps just about every spice on earth stocked in our home kitchen, so I decided to whip up a special dinner using an unfamiliar combination.

Cajun Chicken, Vegetables and Cornbread

I was a bit worried the meal would be a Cajun overload, but to my surprise, each dish had a distinct flavor with hints of similarity. First up is the chicken.

I followed Cooking Creation’s recipe to make Cajun Chicken Stuffed with Pepper Jack Cheese and Spinach. Overall, the dish was easy to make. However, rolling the flattened breasts and securing the mixture inside with toothpicks proved to be a little tricky. I felt like a surgeon stitching up a wound.
In the end, the tucking and pinning was worth it, and I quickly moved on to my first side dish – Cajun Cornbread.

I fell in love with my dad’s cast-iron skillet after making this spicy creole cornbread. The inside of this bread was super moist, but the edges turned out perfectly crispy and golden.
I followed this recipe from Cajun Delights but made the following changes:
  • Substituted one cup plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream;
  • Used one cup skim milk;
  • Omitted the cheese and green chilies; and 
  • Added one can diced tomatoes with green chilies.

 The recipe is a keeper and will definitely make a second appearance sometime in the near future. However, I might add one additional can of tomatoes for extra flavor.

After transferring the skillet to the oven, I worked on the final side dish – roasted vegetables.

In a large bowl, I combined two tablespoons olive oil; 1.5 cups sliced bell peppers; one cup broccoli florets; and 1/2 cup sliced yellow onion with a generous sprinkling of paprika, salt and pepper. Then, I spread the mixture on a baking pan lined with foil and roasted the veggies for about 30 minutes.

All in all, the meal was simple, delicious and the furthest thing from bland. I’m keeping my eye out for more Cajun creations!

Enjoy ūüôā


  1. Do you have favorite spice blends?
  2. Do you have any suggestions for Cajun dishes I should try?

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