Southwest Pumpkin Burgers

Southwest Pumpkin Burgers

Hello again!

I apologize for my unannounced blogging hiatus. Final exams, papers, work projects and another move-out hit me like a hurricane during the final two weeks of summer A session at UF. Luckily, the storm has passed, and I’m on vacation at home in St. Pete until August 21.

Being home for only a few weeks ruined my chances at finding a summer job or internship. However, there is an upside – I have plenty of time to do whatever I want.

Trying new workouts, reading books, catching up on TV shows, spending quality time with family, cooking, baking and blogging are all on the agenda. Let’s just say I’m stoked to have some time off after my crazy whirlwind of a year, which was filled with multiple jobs and internships in D.C. and Florida, tough classes and family struggles.

Now that I finally have some down-time, let’s get to the food! 🙂

Southwest Pumpkin Burgers

Recipe slightly adapted from Eating Well

Something about a big ol’ burger with corn on the cob screams summer. Actually, any meal involving corn on the cob reminds me of long, hot summer days filled with swimming and grilling.

These patties would probably fall apart if you tried to cook them over an open flame or coals. However, the burgers still have that “grilled” taste if you pan-fry them to the perfect shade of golden brown.

I love juicy beef burgers, but sometimes I want a patty that will fill me up without weighing me down. This pumpkin burger does just that.

I know pumpkin is definitely a fall food, but why stick with the seasons if cheap cans of puree are available to me all year long? I can’t think of a good reason to shun the nutrient-packed orange super-food, and I hope you can’t either. Follow the Eating Well link for the recipe and read my substitutions below.

Southwest Pumpkin Burgers

Recipe slightly adapted from Eating Well

I followed the recipe pretty closely but made the following four substitutions to use up the food I had on hand before moving out of my apartment:

Let me know how it goes if you make the burgers according to the original recipe. I wonder if using the suggested ingredients makes the patties less delicate and more sturdy. Also feel free to let me know what you think of the patties if you use my substitutions.

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. What are your summer plans?
  2. Do you have a favorite veggie burger recipe? If so, please share links and/or recipes in the comments area below!

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