Friday’s Favorites: Caffeine, Sweets and Snacks

Friday’s Favorites: Caffeine, Sweets and Snacks

That title pretty much sums up my life from mid November until now.

The craziness of exams, projects and extra hours at work kept me busy 24/7 for weeks on end. Add an LSAT prep class to the madness and you’ve got a recipe for late nights, sleeping in and the need for sugar and caffeine.

I don’t advocate living on the foods and drinks below for an extended period of time, but they’ll definitely get you through the insanity of the holiday season and end of the year. 🙂

P.S. Click on the title of each item to see how you can get it for yourself.

Paramount Coffee: Pumpkin Pie and Caramel Nut Delight

Paramount Coffee Sweetie Pie Ground Coffee Pumpkin Pie

Thank God for medium roast coffees and my roommate’s Keurig. There may have been a few meltdowns without them.

Paramount Coffee Fall In Love Ground Coffee Caramel Nut Delight

The Caramel Nut Delight flavor is perfect all by itself. Does anyone else drink their joe black like me?

Starbucks Caffè Verona® K-Cup® Packs

Starbucks Caffè Verona® K-Cup® Packs

This rich, dark roast coffee is dangerous. Let’s just say a few mornings started with a cup of this brew and a truffle or two from the box below just because. . .

Krause’s Homemade Candy (1-lb. box)

Krause's Homemade Candy

My aunt always buys Krause’s chocolate for me and my brother during the holidays. We each get our own box because we’re pigs.

Krause's Homemade Candy

It took all the willpower I had to not eat this box in two days flat.

NatureBox Sunshine Chips

NatureBox Sunshine Chips

I ordered a NatureBox after seeing a 50-percent-off code on Peanut Butter Fingers. The box was filled with five different snack goodies, but these chips were by far my favorite.

NatureBox Sunshine Chips

I actually ate the entire bag in one sitting and called it my vegetables for the day. Whoops.

Chocolate Omelet

Oh, chocolate omelet. It’s been far too long. You’re delicious with coconut butter and banana.

Six Star Pro Nutrition: Triple Chocolate Casein Protein

Breakfast cookie dough cereal made with hot almond milk, sunflower seed butter and this protein powder is heavenly. I’ve been having it before bed almost every night.

Sunflower Seed Butter

It’s official. There’s no nut/seed butter I haven’t tried. I may even like this stuff more than peanut butter?!?


  1. What have you been loving lately?

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