Total Body Superset Workout

Total Body Superset Workout

I’m pretty sure I’m an anomaly when it comes to most women. Given the choice between cardio and weight lifitng and I’ll pick lifting EVERY time.

Maybe it’s the challenge. Maybe it’s because I have thunder thighs that make squats and deadlifts fun. I don’t know.

I enjoy cycle and interval training in the sense that I feel great afterward, but I’m definitely no cardio queen.

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Let’s just say it’s a mental struggle to get myself pumped up for cardio. I’ve just been digging heavy supersets lately. Who’s with me?

I walked into Southwest Recreation Center without a real plan Monday but ended up completing two short, intense workouts. I started with the Crossfit-style cardio circuit below. I completed as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

  • Kettlebell swings – 15 reps
  • Mountain climbers – 30 reps each side (60 total)
  • Medicine ball slams – 15 reps
  • 500-meter row

I found the workout on Muscle & Strength. It was a good one!

Afterward, I ventured into the strength and conditioning room for my favorite activity as of late: heavy lifting. I completed the following total body superset workout in about 30 minutes.

Videos demonstrations:

I paired the workout with my Winter Workout Jams playlist and left the gym feeling sweaty and accomplished.

Let me know if you try the superset workout or the Crossfit-style circuit. I’d love to hear what you think! 🙂


  1. Your choice: cardio or weight training?

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