Ultimate EDM Playlist

Ultimate EDM Playlist

I know you must be thinking, “Another playlist?” Well, yep. It’s been my drug of choice during midterms, so bear with me.

Many college students snack obsessively during this time. Some turn to caffeine. Others nap. What do I do?

I spend an hour on Spotify crafting and changing the order of tracks on playlists to eliminate the awkward silence between songs, which kills me. Did I mention I also eat, drink coffee, and try to keep my eyelids open long enough to finish a research report for my campaigns class while doing this?

Thank goodness spring break starts today. I’m going to D.C., and to say I’m PUMPED would be a understatement.

You bet I’ll be jammin’ away listening to this ultimate EDM (electronic dance music) playlist on the plane and during my break. Give it a listen whether you’re working out or just need some music to pump you up.

Spotify playlist:

I highly suggest joining Spotify for streaming just about any song, album or playlist. I pay $5 per month as a student to have access to a bazillion songs with zero ads. I have the ability to follow and make as many playlists as my heart desires. It’s TOTALLY worth the money. Ask for a Spotify Gift Card $30 (affiliate link!) for your b-day or a holiday. 🙂

Follow me (Brianna Kolota) and my playlists on Spotify if you like this mix. I’m also a fan of John Mayer, OneRepublic, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Ben Howard, Imagine Dragons, 90’s hits, and other adult alternative music if that’s your thing.

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Are you a spotify member?
  2. What’s your favorite workout song now?
  3. Do you like seeing playlists on Hungry Gator Gal? Would you like to see more/less/the same amount?

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