Burnin’ Abs Circuit + Abs Memes

Burnin’ Abs Circuit + Abs Memes

Spring (a.k.a. the time of year EVERY person in America decides to go to the gym to work on their abs).
buzz lightyear meme - Abs Abs Everywhere
Unfortunately, it’s just like the beginning of every new year. The gym is PACKED for about a week, and then people give up because they’re not seeing immediate results. What most people don’t realize is that one workout won’t give you abs of steel for eternity.
Like anything in life, things worth having take hard work and dedication. But don’t worry. You’ve got time to work on that six pack before summer begins. 
I gathered my favorite ab exercises from core classes at UF and put them together in a “super circuit.” This workout will leave your abs on FIRE. Trust me. They’ll be begging for mercy by the end of the third round of the circuit below.
Hungry Gator Gal Burnin' Abs Circuit

Video demonstrations for each exercise:

Weighted Side Bends
Incline Sit-Up
Weighted Back Extensions
BOSU Crunches 
Russian Twists
Leg Raises
Bicycle Crunches
Swiss Ball Pikes
Reverse Crunches

By the end of the summer, others will be envious of you and your six pack . . .



  1. Does it seem like EVERY person at your gym is currently working on their abs?
  2. What’s your favorite ab exercise?

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