Summer Workout Jams

Summer Workout Jams

Music = motivation

Summer Workout Jams Playlist from Hungry Gator Gal (spotify playlist included)

Below you’ll find the spotify playlist for fans of streaming. You’ll find additional playlists like this one if you visit my playlists page and my Spotify profile (Brianna Kolota). You can follow me if you like what you hear.

P.S. I pay $5 per month as a student to have access to a bazillion songs with zero ads. I have the ability to follow and make as many playlists as my heart desires. It’s TOTALLY worth the money. Ask for a Spotify Gift Card $30 (affiliate link!) for your b-day or a holiday. πŸ™‚ 


  1. What songs are you loving right now?

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2 thoughts on “Summer Workout Jams

  1. Yay! I hope you do check them out. πŸ™‚ I definitely recommend the paid version if you want to listen to your playlists offline. I like not having to use cellular data to play my music in the car. The gym I'm currently at doesn't offer free wifi, so I also play the saved playlists while working out.

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