Iced French Vanilla Protein Coffee

Iced French Vanilla Protein Coffee

You know what’s better than regular coffee in the summer? ICED COFFEE!

And you know what’s better than iced coffee? PROTEIN ICED COFFEE!

Iced French Vanilla Protein Coffee from Hungry Gator Gal

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Yes, I’m using all capitals because I’m EXCITED to share this drink. Aaaaand I might be slightly over-caffeinated as I type this post.

This cool and creamy treat has been the perfect drink to sip on while I’m making a post-workout feast meal. To get started, just fill a large tumbler with ice (affiliate link!).

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Pop your French Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups (affiliate link!) into the machine. If you don’t have a Keurig, you can buy iced coffee quarts at the grocery store or follow this easy recipe.

Green Mountain French Vanilla Iced Coffee on Hungry Gator Gal

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Add a little sweetener. My current fave is Trader Joe’s Stevia Extract (affiliate link!).

Trader Joe's Stevia Extract

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Then add a half or a full scoop or vanilla protein powder. I used Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla, but feel free to use your favorite brand (affiliate link!).

Body Fortress Super Advanced Vanilla Whey Protein on Hungry Gator Gal

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Iced French Vanilla Protein Coffee from Hungry Gator Gal

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Give the drink a stir, and you’re ready to feed those muscles while getting your caffeine kick for the day.

But really though. It’s SO easy to overdo the caffeine with this drink. I could chug four cups in 10 minutes if I wasn’t paying attention.

I was trying to cut back on my caffeine intake because it’s the summertime and I’m not in school. However, now that I’m watching my cousins as their nanny, I have two or three cups a day. I love kids, but they’re EXHAUSTING. Kudos to all the mothers out there.

Let me know if you try the coffee. I’d love to know what you think! 🙂


  1. Do you drink iced coffee in the summertime?

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4 thoughts on “Iced French Vanilla Protein Coffee

  1. I swear the heat and humidity in Florida become more unbearable each year. I'm so glad I'm actually in NY for a month. We've had a few muggy days here, but it's been nice to have highs only reaching 80 degrees as opposed to 90!

  2. Protein Iced Coffee is the best! You can totally chug 4 of them down in 10 minutes. Today I didn't want the caffeine but wanted the coffee taste. I was on my way out of the house, so I put some protein powder in a container, stopped at Starbucks, got a decaf iced coffee and poured the protein in. Thanks for the iced french vanilla coffee blog!

  3. I've made this drink with decaf K-Cups since posting the recipe because I also don't want to overdo the caffeine. That's a great idea to bring protein powder and order Starbucks if you're on-the-go!

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