August Workout Jams (Spotify playlist included)

August Workout Jams (Spotify playlist included)

This workout playlist is ALL over the place in terms of the different genres included. Seriously. It’s like musical chairs, which is sort of how my life has been lately.

August Workout Jams from Hungry Gator Gal (An @spotify playlist)

Spotify playlist:

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In the past two weeks, I’ve slept in SEVEN different beds. I was in New York babysitting my cousins for a month. Then my family came up for vacation, and we bedhopped all over the state as we visited different family members.

And in true vacation fashion, I barely did anything online, given that WiFi service was spotty or non-existent in some of the places we visited. I was too busy enjoying summer food, hiking, and views like this with family. . .

Lake George, NY

Photo of Lake George, NY by Brianna Kolota

Beef and chicken sliders

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Trail hiking in upstate New York

Photo by Brianna Kolota

Cousin Love

Photo by Carole Berg

Kolota Cousins Pyramid

Photo by Carole Berg 

I had SO much fun this summer, but I am kaput. I wanted nothing more than to sleep and do absolutely nothing by the time my birthday rolled around Friday, but I managed to visit Orange Theory Fitness for an AMAZING one-hour workout with my BFF from high school.

This Orange 60 session was our first, so it was free. I didn’t take photos, but I highly recommend checking it out if you want to get your butt kicked. I push myself pretty hard in the gym, but this class left me feeling sore ALL over.


As this post goes live, I’m unpacking in my apartment, grocery shopping and just getting ready in general for my first day at UF Law Tuesday. So until next time, stay classy.

Brianna 🙂

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