Summer Workout Mix No. 1

Summer Workout Mix No. 1

The amount of time I can spend creating and perfecting a playlist is embarrassing.

Not in school? No more 5 a.m. alarms for physical training and 18-hour days fueled by coffee?

Allow me to approach making a playlist with the same determination and motivation I have after drinking two cups of coffee in the law library (a.k.a. the 90 minutes when I’m jittery and motivated).

Sooo I *might* have tweaked this playlist almost every day in the month of May to make it perfect. If you’re as spastic as I am in terms of music, I think you’ll like the mix of alternative, country, EDM, and pop. It’s good for backyard parties, beach days and road trips in addition to working out.

Summer Workout Mix No. 1 from Hungry Gator Gal

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P.S. I pay $5 per month as a student to have access to a bazillion songs with zero ads. I have the ability to follow and make as many playlists as my heart desires. It’s TOTALLY worth the money.


  1. What are some of your favorite songs right now?


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