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Hungry Gator Gal’s Top 10 Posts of 2014 + Thank You!

Hungry Gator Gal’s Top 10 Posts of 2014 + Thank You!

My thoughts on 2014 in general . . .


I accomplished SO much in this whirlwind of a year: studying for and taking the LSAT a second time while working and going to school, graduating from UF with highest honors, applying to and starting law school, and starting the Army ROTC program, just to name the highlights.

It was rough at times with late nights, early mornings and moments of  “What did I get myself into?!?” However, I wouldn’t change any of it, and I want to thank everyone, including my readers, for supporting me and Hungry Gator Gal through it all.

It means more to me than words can express that this little website has encouraged so many others to live healthier, active lives. This blog has been a constant source of fun and creativity in my life for only three years, but I honestly don’t remember life without it and your words of encouragement.

So before I get super sappy, here’s a list of YOUR favorite posts, based on page views, from the year 2014. Click on the titles to see the original posts.

Enjoy, and I’ll see ya’ in 2015! I have a feeling it’s going to be the best year yet. 😉

1. Yoga Workout Playlist

2. Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout

Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout from 

3. Paleo Oatless Oatmeal

Paleo Oatless Oatmeal from Hungry Gator Gal

4. Basic 8 Leg Workout + Lower Body Stretches

Basic 8 Leg Workout from Hungry Gator Gal

5. Vega Bars Review

 #vegabars on Hungry Gator Gal @FitApproach @VegaTeam #sweatpink

6. Summer Workout Jams

Summer Workout Jams Playlist from Hungry Gator Gal (spotify playlist included)

7. Burnin’ Abs Circuit

Hungry Gator Gal Burnin' Abs Circuit

8. Favorite Nike Training Club App Workouts

9. Ultimate EDM Playlist

10. Very Berry French Vanilla Smoothie

Very Berry French Vanilla Smoothie from Hungry Gator Gal #OneChange #VegaOne 


  1. What was your favorite post, workout, playlist and/or recipe from 2014? It doesn’t have to be from Hungry Gator Gal.
150-Rep Lower Body Challenge

150-Rep Lower Body Challenge

This lower body endurance workout + a 6.6-mile run afterward = sore quads and hip flexors for days.

But really. I was sore to the touch for a SOLID 48 hours. I really have no idea what I was thinking. All I know is that I hobbled around the mall and Target the next day in pain. I looked like a baby giraffe learning how to walk. But it was amazing.

So if you love self-imposed pain, check out this workout. Feel free to tell me how awful and awesome it makes you feel afterward. 🙂

150-Rep Lower Body Challenge from Hungry Gator Gal

Exercise videos:

P.S. This is an awesome at-home or holiday workout that requires minimal or NO equipment. No gym = no excuse. I usually complete 50 reps of one exercise and then 50 reps of the next exercise, etc. Feel free to split up the 150 reps however you choose.


  1. Do you ever complete lower body workouts and longer runs on the same day?
  2. What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever completed?


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26-Minute Boredom-Busting Treadmill Workout 

26-Minute Boredom-Busting Treadmill Workout from Hungry Gator Gal 

5-4-3-2-1 Lower Body Blast

5-4-3-2-1 Lower Body Blast Workout from

50-Rep Upper Body + Abs Challenge

50-Rep Upper Body + Abs Challenge

Merry Christmas Eve! If you’re looking for a fast-but-challenging workout to do today, you’ve come to the right place! 🙂

I’m all about challenges, both mental and physical. Pushing limits means making progress for me, and if you feel the same way, you’ll probably like this workout.

50-Rep Upper Body + Abs Challenge from Hungry Gator Gal


Exercise videos:

The workout may not look difficult on paper, but trust me when I say it’s a doozy, especially if you’re not accustomed to endurance workouts. I used lighter dumbbells (affiliate link!) for the curls and raises, and my biceps and shoulders were ON FIRE.

I had already completed 250+ push-ups, so this workout was a “finisher” that brought me to muscle failure. If you do this too, you’ll combine strength and endurance into one session and get more bang for your workout buck.

However, you can also complete this workout by itself if you’re new to strength training or short on time. I started strength training 3.5 years ago with these basic moves and still complete them today.

Regardless of what you choose, let me know what you think of the challenge if you try it. Also, stay tuned for more “challenge” workouts in the next week or so. I’m home for the holidays and actually have time to share my fitness creations. <— Yay for vacation!!!

Until next time,


  1. Do you ever combine strength and endurance in one workout?


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Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout

Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout

For all the ladies who think they can’t or won’t build upper body and core strength . . .



Yes, it will burn. Yes, it will take time. But you too can build guns, shoulders, triceps and abs like the boys. With dedication to upper body and core workouts like the one below, you can make it happen.

P.S. If you’re a guy, then I think you’ll like this workout too.

Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout from

Note: I forgot to add it to the graphic, but complete each circuit three times before moving on to the next circuit. 

A few exercise videos:

 I’ve been completing about two workouts like this per week focused and have seen significant upper body and core strength gains after only a few months.

My shoulders and biceps actually don’t fit into some of my shirts now, which is why if you see me, I’m probably wearing a tank top or loose shirt. The weather has been nice, so that’s been my excuse.

Let me know if you give the workout a try. I’d love to know what you think. Also, if you’re in Gainesville, I’m absolutely willing to complete the workout with you some time to show you how to do the exercises. Just call, text, email or message me on Facebook.

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. How often do you complete upper body or core workouts?

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Weekly Workout Plan + Best Ab Workouts

Weekly Workout Plan + Best Ab Workouts

I have a confession to make – I’ve been neglecting my abs lately.

Cycle, lower body burnouts and shoulder exercises have been my jams lately, so pure ab workouts haven’t made an appearance on the weekly schedule in a while.

Every day is starting to feel like leg day, so I figured this week was a good time to include two core workouts in the plan described below. I also decided to rearrange my rest days since I’ll be at home this weekend.

Week of 10/16/13 – 10/22/13

Wednesday: Vinyasa yoga class + 45-Minute cycle class + 300 Abs 

Thursday: Explosive Leg Workout + 20 to 30 minutes of steady-state cardio

Friday: Puma Shoulder Burn + 35-Minute Incline Interval Treadmill Workout

Saturday: Off/rest

Sunday: Off/rest

Monday: 45-Minute cycle class + Song Workout for Abs and Obliques 

Tuesday: Stadium conditioning class

In addition to this plan, you’ll find five of my favorite ab workouts below. Try one of these quickie core workouts, and I promise you’ll sweat your butt off while feeling the burn!

Enjoy! 🙂

10 Minutes or Less Sweaty Ab Workout

10 Minutes Or Less Ab Workout!

Burnin’ Legs & Abs Circuit Workout

Burnin' Legs and Abs Circuit Workout

All-Star Abs Workout 

All-star Abs Workout 

Super Sweaty Ab Circuit Workout

Super Sweaty Ab Circuit Workout 

Standing Abs (video)

Standing Ab exercises- melt your muffin top!! -do this everyday and you can tell the difference in as little as 2 weeks!!

P.S. Does anyone want to join me for a 30-day ab challenge like the one pictured below?

Photo courtesy of peerFit 


  1. What are some of your favorite ab workouts or exercises?
  2. What’s on your fitness plan this week? 

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