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50-Rep Upper Body + Abs Challenge

50-Rep Upper Body + Abs Challenge

Merry Christmas Eve! If you’re looking for a fast-but-challenging workout to do today, you’ve come to the right place! πŸ™‚

I’m all about challenges, both mental and physical. Pushing limits means making progress for me, and if you feel the same way, you’ll probably like this workout.

50-Rep Upper Body + Abs Challenge from Hungry Gator Gal


Exercise videos:

The workout may not look difficult on paper, but trust me when I say it’s a doozy, especially if you’re not accustomed to endurance workouts. I used lighter dumbbells (affiliate link!) for the curls and raises, and my biceps and shoulders were ON FIRE.

I had already completed 250+ push-ups, so this workout was a “finisher” that brought me to muscle failure. If you do this too, you’ll combine strength and endurance into one session and get more bang for your workout buck.

However, you can also complete this workout by itself if you’re new to strength training or short on time. I started strength training 3.5 years ago with these basic moves and still complete them today.

Regardless of what you choose, let me know what you think of the challenge if you try it. Also, stay tuned for more “challenge” workouts in the next week or so. I’m home for the holidays and actually have time to share my fitness creations. <— Yay for vacation!!!

Until next time,


  1. Do you ever combine strength and endurance in one workout?


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Push and Pull Upper Body Circuit Workout + Being Both a Nerd and a Muscle Head

Push and Pull Upper Body Circuit Workout + Being Both a Nerd and a Muscle Head

Despite what you may think, you can be both a nerd and muscle head. They’re not mutually exclusive things. Just read this article.
Some of the smartest people I know are some of the fittest people I’ve ever met. A guy with one of the top-10 GPAs in my high school class went to West Point, and one of my life-long friends was both an decorated swimmer and a top student in her nursing class at UF.
So what do all of these people have in common? They LOVE TO LEARN. As a self-proclaimed nerd and fitness fanatic, I can honestly say we’re always up for a challenge, whether it’s in school or at the gym.
While studying for the LSAT, I made a goal to increase my upper body strength. Although it sounds crazy, working toward both a higher score and strength gains kept me sane. When I wasn’t reading passages on practice tests, I was researching workouts that increase upper body strength. 
After trial and error, I found that alternating push and pull exercises in one upper body session works best for me. In the past six months, I’ve experienced significant gains in upper body strength by doing a full upper body workout with push and pull exercises two times per week on nonconsecutive days.
Seriously though. Just check out some of my Instagram pictures to see the bulging biceps. I hadn’t taken photos of myself in a while, so the recent ones surprised me.
You can try the workout below if you want tickets to the gun show too.
Push and Pull Upper Body Circuit Workout from Hungry Gator Gal

In this free weights workout, you alternate two “push” exercises with two “pull” exercises in each circuit. It’s a quick but efficient plan that targets your chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders.

I’ve read conflicting articles about whether you work back muscles or not when doing push-ups, so feel free to add an exercise that isolates your back muscles if you have the time. Two of my favorite back isolation exercises are bent over dumbbell rows and back extensions.

I’m not a certified fitness professional, so please speak with one to determine if it’s safe for you to complete this workout.

Stay tuned for a post later this week about how I maximize the results of my workout by fueling my better. Let me know if you try the workout. I’d love to know what you think! πŸ™‚


  1. Do you have fitness goals? If so, what are they?
  2. How do you balance work/school with fitness?

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Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout

Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout

For all the ladies who think they can’t or won’t build upper body and core strength . . .



Yes, it will burn. Yes, it will take time. But you too can build guns, shoulders, triceps and abs like the boys. With dedication to upper body and core workouts like the one below, you can make it happen.

P.S. If you’re a guy, then I think you’ll like this workout too.

Upper Body + Abs Circuit Workout from

Note: I forgot to add it to the graphic, but complete each circuit three times before moving on to the next circuit. 

A few exercise videos:

 I’ve been completing about two workouts like this per week focused and have seen significant upper body and core strength gains after only a few months.

My shoulders and biceps actually don’t fit into some of my shirts now, which is why if you see me, I’m probably wearing a tank top or loose shirt. The weather has been nice, so that’s been my excuse.

Let me know if you give the workout a try. I’d love to know what you think. Also, if you’re in Gainesville, I’m absolutely willing to complete the workout with you some time to show you how to do the exercises. Just call, text, email or message me on Facebook.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚


  1. How often do you complete upper body or core workouts?

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Girl Crush + Best Upper Body Workouts

Girl Crush + Best Upper Body Workouts

Confession time – I have a serious crush on Cameron Diaz’s arms.

Have you seen her biceps and shoulders?!?

Photo courtesy of The Fashion Dealer 

I used to dread doing push-ups, pull ups or any exercise related to the upper body. I’d make every day leg day if I could. However, a few upper body circuits and supersets I tried this summer sparked my current obsession with building sculpted arms and shoulders like Ms. Diaz’s.

Photo courtesy of The Fashion Dealer 

Becoming stronger on top has been more of a challenge, but I’ve noticed significant gains in strength by doing the workouts featured below. In other words, my backpack and twenty million grocery bags aren’t quite as hard to carry anymore.

Feel free to combine one of these quick circuits with a leg-intense cardio sweat session like cycling. I promise both your arms and legs will be burnin’ the next day.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Upper Body Superset Workout from Peanut Butter Fingers

Upper Body Superset Workout: Targets biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders

Puma Shoulder Burn from Go the Extra Mile

Puma Shoulder Burn

Lean Arms Pyramid from Tone It Up Girls


  1. Do you have a favorite body part you like to train? If so, what is it?

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