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Fast-Paced Fall with SOS Rehydrate

Fast-Paced Fall with SOS Rehydrate


Fall 2015 was a combination of being exhilarated, terrified, happy, and overwhelmed . . . and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Despite the suicidal pace of my life at times, I realized this fall that if you’re afraid of how fast you’re going, you know the journey is a good one.

With that said, I can’t thank my friends, family, teachers, and classmates enough for being a part of this insane journey that is law school, ROTC and my personal life. And on the fitness front, I have SOS Rehydrate to thank for keeping me and my teammates hydrated while training for and competing in two fun, challenging events: the Army Ten-Miler race and my second Army ROTC Ranger Challenge competition.

So here’s a recap of my fast-paced fall. More to come in 2016 about journeys in running, racing, competing, fueling and life as a officer candidate and law student. 🙂


2015-08-21 08.45.09

My 2-mile time in August was 15:50. After a season of training and racing, my time is currently around 14:30, give or take a few seconds based on the day. Stay tuned for more on the simple program I used to shave those 80 or so seconds off my time.


2015-09-20 17.21.33
If I remember correctly, it was about 90 degrees with what felt like 100% humidity when I took this photo, hahaha. Long training runs in Florida heat and humidity are awesomely awful. Give me my IV drip of electrolytes stat.


2015-10-11 13.12.35
The Army Ten-Miler Race – SO MUCH FUN!!! The energy of the thousands of runners during the race was insane. Racing through our nation’s capital was one of the best moments of my life . . . and I came in 7.5 minutes under my projected finishing time! Here are my stats (out of about 30,000 runners):

2015-10-12 20.09.37

2015-10-11 11.46.02
2015-10-10 14.07.34
2015-11-11 17.08.27
This photo was taken somewhere in of the middle of the 10-mile ruck, which was the final event at the Ranger Challenge competition. Other events for the competition (which started at 3am!!!) included 1,000 ruck lifts & 1,000 sit-ups (total for the team of 9), a triage lane, a rope bridge lane, a shuttle run and a 5-mile relay run. Needless to say, we were TOAST by the end.


2015-11-12 18.20.33
Army-Navy ROTC annual football game! I have no idea why my tongue is out. Maybe I was focusing? I’ve been told I do this when studying intensly. . .


2015-12-18 10.56.09
Here’s to 2016 and all of the hope, excitement, challenges and fun it will bring. I wish you and your family the best in the new year! 🙂

Note: SOS Rehydrate provided me  with electrolyte packets in return for me writing this post, promoting their products and wearing their gear. However, all opinions are my own. The US Army is not supported by nor does it endorse SOS Rehydrate.

Stadium HIIT Workout

Stadium HIIT Workout

Alternative names I considered for this workout . . . “90 Aisles of Pain” and “Death by Intervals.”

This workout is consistently difficult. It never gets easier. You just learn what your pain threshold is before your legs completely give up and you’re gasping for air.

But just like anything else, the more you run stadiums, the better you become at it. Then it’s time to raise the stakes. In Florida, add in 93-degree weather plus 90 percent humidity, and you’re in for complete exhaustion because when you gasp for air, it’s hot, thick and humid.

Fun times.

So have I convinced you to try my Stadium HIIT Workout below yet? If it’s good enough for Tim Tebow, it’s good enough for me. 🙂

Stadium HIIT Workout from Hungry Gator Gal

Note: I usually warm up for this particular workout by running one lap around the stadium or completing this Stadium Workout Warm-up. Don’t forget to stretch afterward too.

Fun facts: I ran up/down every step in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (a.k.a. The Swamp) in 2013 as a senior in college, and my calves felt like they were on fire for three days afterward. But despite the torture, the Swamp is my favorite place to workout, and running stadiums is my favorite workout of all time.


  1. Do you ever workout in a stadium?
  2. What’s your favorite way to complete HIIT? Cycle? Running? Running stairs? Etc.
  3. What’s your favorite workout of all time?


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Quick Cardio Tabata Sets

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26-Minute Boredom-Busting Treadmill Workout from Hungry Gator Gal

This Hungry Gator Gal’s Post-Grad Plans

This Hungry Gator Gal’s Post-Grad Plans

As you know, this Hungry Gator Gal is going to be a “double Gator”!
However, the bigger piece I FINALLY shared on Instagram and Twitter is that . . .

Photo by Brianna Kolota

I will be joining my brother as a cadet in UF’s Army ROTC program in August!

Photo by Melissa Kelly

In exchange for my service to this country, the Army will be paying for me pursue a legal education at one of the top law schools in this country. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams. Thank you to everyone who helped me reach this point in my life.

I know training to become an officer and a lawyer won’t be easy, but I welcome the opportunity to challenge myself both physically and mentally during the next three years.
Because after all, it’s ALWAYS great to be a Florida Gator!

P.S. I was training for my first Army physical fitness test in late-April, which you may have noticed on my weekly workout page. Since then, I’ve continued to work on my speed, endurance, core strength and upper body strength. I hope to create some military-inspired workouts in the future. Stay tuned!


  1. Did you participate in an ROTC program? If not, do you know anyone who went through the program? Any tips? 🙂 
Inspired Yoga + Run Jacksonville Beach Giveaway! (A Muscle Milk Light Zooma Women’s Race Series Event)

Inspired Yoga + Run Jacksonville Beach Giveaway! (A Muscle Milk Light Zooma Women’s Race Series Event)

Hello from Gainesville, Florida! This Gator Gal is back in the Swamp for some food and fitness action during her senior year!

I’m looking forward to trying new workouts and group fitness classes, including yoga sessions. I’ll tell you more about my overall plans and goals later this week. For now, I’ve got an awesome giveaway to tell you about.

Given the recent addition of fitness content to HGG, I am excited to announce the following opportunity to win one free registration entry for Inspired Yoga + Run in Jacksonville Beach, a Muscle Milk Light Zooma Women’s Race Series event.

In other words, registration costs $50, but one lucky HGG reader will participate in the event for free!

Photo from the Muscle Milk Light Zooma Women’s Race Series website

Inspired Yoga + Run will take place at 7:30 a.m. September 7 in Jacksonville Beach. According to the event website, participants will have the opportunity to “feel the ocean breeze during an all-levels 50-minute yoga flow session followed by an inspiring 3-mile beach run.”

Following the seaside practice session and run, participants can enjoy healthy snacks with friends and receive a t-shirt to commemorate the experience.


Photo from the Muscle Milk Light Zooma Women’s Race Series website

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 2.01.48 PM

Photo from the Muscle Milk Light Zooma Women’s Race Series website

I fell in love with the group practice of yoga after trying one Vinyasa class in May at the University of Florida. Practicing has quickly become my favorite form of stretching and recovery after completing rigorous strength training workouts. As for running, I’ve never been a huge fan. However, interval walking and running treadmill workouts have become my choice for cardio as of late.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend this event due to a prior commitment in Tampa. However, I know one lucky HGG readers will enjoy the fresh air, food and fun on the beach!

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 2.01.26 PM

Photo from the Muscle Milk Light Zooma Women’s Race Series website

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post that tells me why you want to attend this event. Also include your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you are the winner.

You must be 18 years of age or older and a United States resident to enter this sweepstakes. Also, please leave only one comment. Duplicate comments will be deleted and will disqualify you from winning the prize.

Please add your comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. Monday, August 26. I will choose an entry using a random number generator following the deadline. I will email the winner and announce his or her name in a new post on the blog Wednesday, August 28. The winner must respond to my email by Friday, August 30. Otherwise, a new winner will be selected.

Visit the event website, the Inspired Yoga + Run website, and the Inspired Yoga + Run Facebook page for more information about the Jacksonville beach event and other events being held across the United States.

Good luck! I’m already jealous of the winner who will enjoy this event without me. 😉

Note: I am not receiving compensation for writing about this event and hosting the giveaway. Transportation to and from the event is not included in this giveaway.

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Feel the ocean breeze during an all-levels 50-minute outdoor yoga flow session followed by an inspiring 3-mile beach run. – See more at:
Feel the ocean breeze during an all-levels 50-minute outdoor yoga flow session followed by an inspiring 3-mile beach run. – See more at:
Guest Post for Every Which Whey: Lemon Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats Parfait

Guest Post for Every Which Whey: Lemon Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats Parfait

Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to pop in and tell you about my guest post today on Every Which Whey, a healthy living blog written by my fellow Gator gal Whitney Wettstein. 

I hope you enjoy my new favorite summer breakfast, Lemon Blueberry Overnight Oats Parfait. Be sure to check out Whitney’s healthy, delicious recipes too.

Catch ya’ later alligators 🙂