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Yoga Workout Playlist No. 5 (Spotify Playlist)

Yoga Workout Playlist No. 5 (Spotify Playlist)

Alright, so another playlist means another story. (See my last story and playlist here.)

I’ve been *really* bad with stretching in the past 6 months. I foam rolled for maybe 5 minutes before my workouts. But aside from that, I didn’t stretch at all, and I didn’t go to yoga once this semester.

So about two weeks ago, my lack of stretching finally caught up with me. I developed a weird tightness in my left forearm and wrist, which was 100% because (1) I’ve been doing pull-ups every day and (2) I went heavier too fast on some pulling exercises. My advice – don’t do that.

On top of that, my back and hamstrings became so tight that I had a strange twitch run up and down my leg a few times for a day or two. That tightness was definitely due to starting a new dead lift program and not stretching after each *brutal* workout.

So yeah. I was asking for an injury. And I don’t think sitting, studying, and typing on a computer for exams basically 24/7 for two weeks helped the situation either.

I took all of these symptoms as a sign to just chill for a few days despite how much I love getting outside, getting sweaty, and taking a mental break every day to work out. I did some serious foam rolling coupled with some yoga movements. I even got two massages, which were magical but also kinda painful in the best way possible.

When I returned to my regularly scheduled workouts, I felt super fresh and flexible. I even hit a few new PRs (personal records). So chilling for 3-4 days was 100% the right decision.

Moral of the story?

Go to yoga once per week if you can!!! In the very least, spend 5 minutes doing a *really* thorough warm-up and at least 5 minutes stretching after a workout. You could also foam roll for 10 minutes every day. In my opinion, 10 minutes is a completely manageable amount of time. I’m holding myself to 10 minutes of stretching every day to avoid weird cramps, tightness, and soreness . . .

and I’ll be listening to the playlist below while doing it. 🙂

P.S. See the links to the playlist, my Spotify profile, and my favorite stretches below this image.

Hungry Gator Gal's Yoga Workout Playlist No. 5

My Spotify profile

This playlist on Spotify

My favorite yoga stretches



  1. Do you stretch every day?
  2. If so, for how long do you stretch?
  3. Do you have any favorite yoga playlists? If so, please share a link to the playlist in the comments! 🙂
  4. What are your favorite stretches or yoga poses? In the comments, please share links to photos of the stretches if you can! 🙂


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Army Ten-Miler Race Playlist

Army Ten-Miler Race Playlist

So story time after a two-month hiatus from posting. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I created the *perfect* Spotify playlist (located at the bottom of this post!) for the Army Ten-Miler Race in D.C. last October. And guess what? The race “rules” online said headphones and electronic listening devices weren’t allowed on the course.

Say whhhaaaat? Run 10 miles without any music?!?!

Inside I was like “Well sh** sh** sh**. I don’t know how well I’ll run it now…”

I had only ever run 2 miles without music a handful of times for the Army’s PT test. And with that run, I never think about music. For PT test runs, I’m always waaaay too focused on not dying or puking since I’m running full throttle. So I’m kinda like this photo minus the sitting down and hammock part.

As you already know if you’ve read my previous posts, I finished the Army Ten-Miler Race, and I ran it really well for me (an 8:16-per-mile pace). And now with this story, you know I did it without any music whatsoever. Just me and my thoughts for 1 hour and 22 minutes. Good times.

To be honest, although music would’ve been nice, I didn’t need it. Racing past the monuments and the thousands upon thousands of other runners gave me such a cliche runner’s high that I didn’t even think about music. It’s a really unique, patriotic experience that I encourage runners and non-runners to do at least once. It’s definitely a bucket-list type item. 🙂

So after hearing my story about how I didn’t need music for the race, I’m sure you’re ready to listen to this playlist!

Army Ten-Miler Race Playlist from Hungry Gator Gal

Just kidding. I really do prefer running with music, and this playlist contains some recent hits and really solid motivational throwbacks. <— I’m talking to all of you 90s kids.

So if you’re doing longer runs for race training or if you’re running distance just for fun, feel free to give this playlist a try. I still use it when I feel like doing a long run. I’m on a more strength-focused routine and have turned to cycling and swimming lately more so than running for cardio. But the reason for that switch is the topic of an entirely different post.

More to come on (1) preparing for a ten-mile race and/or a half marathon, (2) workout playlists, and (3) my favorite workouts lately (cardio and strength). Stay tuned!

P.S. Follow me and my playlists on Spotify here. Oh, and did I mention how everyone on the course had their phones, headphones and music? So much for “rules.”

Also, early registration for the 2016 Army Ten-Miler Race opens May 11 for service members and for persons who have run the race seven times or more. Mark your calendars!!!



  1. Do you prefer to run with or without music? <— With music for me, for sure.
  2. What’s your current favorite running song? <— Mine has been any remix of “Roses” by The Chainsmokers for like a solid 6 months now, haha. 


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Fast-paced Fall with SOS Rehydrate

Yoga Workout Playlist No. 4 (Spotify Playlist)

Yoga Workout Playlist No. 4 (Spotify Playlist)

It’s the end of July, and I’m dying for a power yoga or vinyasa class. A month at Fort Knox for training with ZERO stretching and a week in bed with tonsillitis has killed my flexibility.

Guess who’s starting from zero again in August when school starts? Ugghhhhh. I’m banking on the fact that making a yoga playlist usually sparks my desire to practice at home. I’ll let ya’ know how it goes. 🙂

Yoga Workout Playlist No. 4

Spotify playlist:

Follow me on Spotify if you like a mix of indie, alternative, EDM, pop, and country.


  1. Has anyone else fallen off the yoga wagon? If so, how long did it take you to reach your previous level of flexibility? 
  2. Do you go to yoga as much for the atmosphere as for a good stretch?


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Yoga Workout Playlist

Summer Food & Fitness Essentials

Summer Food & Fitness Essentials

Hydrate, exercise, jam out, eat, repeat. 🙂

From the top, left to right:

one // Nike Pro Classic Swift Bra and Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Pro Classic Bra

No chafing. No band rolling. Everything stays in place. In other words, Nike Pros are everything I could ask for in sports bras when it’s 90+ degrees Fahrenheit outside with 80+ percent humidity every damn day.

two // La Croix Sparkling Water

Because drinking plain water all the time gets old.

three // Aladdin Classic Insulated Mason Tumbler 32oz. 

Water bottle. Huge-a** smoothie holder. Every preppy girl’s best friend…

four // Andy Grammer 

I wrote Andy Grammer off a while ago as “too much pop” for my taste, but then I saw him live at Fort Knox for the Army’s 240th birthday concert. All I can say is that this guy is talented. Very down-to-earth but full of personality. He put on a fantastic show and made me a fan for life.

five // Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoes – Women’s & Men’s

After trying on a bazillion brands and other Nike running shoes, I decided to stick with the Nike Pegasus line. My Pegasus 31s made it through 10 months of Army PT and individual runs, so why reinvent the wheel? And did I tell you how amazing the flywire technology is?!? The shoes fit like a glove and feel like pillows on my feet. Bye bye, shin splints.

six // Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were 

Crazy, intense slow jams will have you playing this adult alternative album on repeat. It’s one of those rare albums that captures thoughts and feelings you had no idea could be vocalized or let alone made into a melody.

seven // Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface  

Linkin Park meets Fall Out Boy meets Eminem meets Jamaican jams. I dare you to play this in the car and try to NOT sing along.

eight // Nike SFBs  

I LOVE THESE BOOTS. They become more comfortable with every ruck, hike, battle drill, march through the rain and mud, etc. I didn’t get one blister while wearing these for a month in Fort Knox.

nine // Homemade pizza 

Cook three pizzas one night for the fam and you’ve got meals for two days. Pizza with cheese, veggies and protein always = a well-balanced meal.

ten // Nuun Energy Hydration Tablets

Running in the heat = no bueno if you don’t refuel with electrolytes. And as much as I love Gatorade during field training, sugar water isn’t necessary when I only spend an hour outside every day at home. These tablets pack serious flavor without the added sugar.

eleven //  POSH DJs App

Listen to club mixes outside of a club. The continuous streams are perfect for getting in the zone during workouts.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. What are some of your summer food and fitness essentials?


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Summer Workout Mix No. 2 (Spotify Playlist)

Summer Workout Mix No. 2 (Spotify Playlist)

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” –  Friedrich Nietzsche

Summer Workout Mix No. 2 from Hungry Gator Gal

Playlist on Spotify…

Follow me on Spotify if you like what you’re hearing. 🙂



1. What are your favorite workout songs right now?

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