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Stadium HIIT Workout

Stadium HIIT Workout

Alternative names I considered for this workout . . . “90 Aisles of Pain” and “Death by Intervals.”

This workout is consistently difficult. It never gets easier. You just learn what your pain threshold is before your legs completely give up and you’re gasping for air.

But just like anything else, the more you run stadiums, the better you become at it. Then it’s time to raise the stakes. In Florida, add in 93-degree weather plus 90 percent humidity, and you’re in for complete exhaustion because when you gasp for air, it’s hot, thick and humid.

Fun times.

So have I convinced you to try my Stadium HIIT Workout below yet? If it’s good enough for Tim Tebow, it’s good enough for me. 🙂

Stadium HIIT Workout from Hungry Gator Gal

Note: I usually warm up for this particular workout by running one lap around the stadium or completing this Stadium Workout Warm-up. Don’t forget to stretch afterward too.

Fun facts: I ran up/down every step in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (a.k.a. The Swamp) in 2013 as a senior in college, and my calves felt like they were on fire for three days afterward. But despite the torture, the Swamp is my favorite place to workout, and running stadiums is my favorite workout of all time.


  1. Do you ever workout in a stadium?
  2. What’s your favorite way to complete HIIT? Cycle? Running? Running stairs? Etc.
  3. What’s your favorite workout of all time?


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Quick Cardio Tabata Sets

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26-Minute Boredom Busting Treadmill Workout

26-Minute Boredom-Busting Treadmill Workout from Hungry Gator Gal

Stadium Strength Circuits Workout

Stadium Strength Circuits Workout

Looking for a no-equipment workout that will leave your muscles twitching by the end? You’ve come to the right place.
Video demonstrations:

But really. This stadium strength circuits workout will kick your butt in the best way possible. I was gasping after the first circuit, and my glutes, quads and triceps were begging for mercy after circuits two and three. I used to take a stadium conditioning class every Tuesday but forgot how difficult it is!

With only one month until graduation, I’ll be taking advantage of the stadium while I have access to it. I’ll be doing this exact workout at 12:45 p.m. MONDAY at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium if you want to join me.

Message me on Facebook if you’re interested in coming. We can meet at the entrance to Student Rec. You can store your bags there and retrieve them when we finish.

I hope to see ya’ there! 🙂

Fun fact: Here at the University of Florida we have a special name for running up the bleachers to the top of the stadium: Gator mountains!


  1. Have you ever completed a stadium workout? 
  2. What’s your favorite no-equipment exercise? 

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Weekly Workout Plan + peerFit Fitness Festival Photos

Weekly Workout Plan + peerFit Fitness Festival Photos

I know I’m a bit late to the exercise party on this one, but I’m in love with kettlebells!

I took my first swing (<–ha!) at using this increasingly popular piece of fitness equipment Saturday at peerFit’s fall fitness festival.

Needless to say, I found myself playing with a kettlebell in the gym Monday morning. The list of exercises you can do with these things is endless. One-arm cleans anyone?

The festival included 15-minute workouts from Body By Boris, CrossFit Gainesville, Pilates at Gainesville Health & Fitness Center and Alter Ego Fitness. The sessions were quick, but my entire body was sore after piloxing, partner exercises, vinyasa yoga and a tabata circuit that included the kettlebells and burpees.

The one-on-one instruction, time with the peerFit founders and other sampler workouts reminded me to sign up for my final classes using the peerFit passport.

Me with Ed Buckley, peerFit‘s president and Matt Redinger, peerFit‘s vice president of operations

If you need to spice up your workouts and live in Gainesville, I highly suggest buying a passport soon. You’ll have the opportunity to try six different classes at five different gyms for only $30.

The Gainesville passports will be on sale through next week, so you only have a few days left! If you’re in the Tampa, Florida area, you have a few hours left to buy a passport for only $39 through LivingSocial!

Here’s a look at my fitness plan for the week. I hope it motivates you to try something new.

Enjoy! 🙂

Week of 10/30/13 – 11/05/13

Wednesday: Go Primal fitness evaluation

Thursday: Leg Workout + 10 minutes of rowing + 10 minutes on the elliptical machine

Friday: 60-minute bike ride + 75-minute vinyasa yoga class

Saturday: Off/rest

Sunday: Off/rest

Monday: Strictly Strength workout + 45-minute cycle class

Tuesday: Stadium conditioning class


  1. What’s your favorite piece of fitness equipment? (For me, it’s a tie between my new foam roller and kettlebells right now.)

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Weekly Workout Plan + peerFit Fitness Festival

Weekly Workout Plan + peerFit Fitness Festival

Watch out – I’m shakin’ things up a bit on the fitness front.

My peerFit passport expires in less than two weeks, so I’m squeezing in my remaining three workouts at three different gyms during the next two weeks. I’ll be visiting Body By Boris a second time, Pilates at Gainesville Health & Fitness Center and Go Primal Fitness & Training Institute.

I’m also attending peerFit’s free fitness festival Saturday. If you’re in the Gainesville area, feel free to join me. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous with a high of 75 and not a cloud in the sky!

In addition to the workouts and festival, I have some of my favorite workouts on the books. Take a look below for a sneak peek at the FUNctional week ahead. I hope the plan inspires you to try something new! 🙂

Week of 10/23/13 – 10/29/13

Wednesday: All Levels workout at Body By Boris

Thursday: Off/Rest

Friday: Get Your Heart Rate Up Circuit Workout + 75-Minute vinyasa yoga class

Saturday:  peerFit Fitness Festival (five 15-minute workouts from five different gyms in Gainesville! Check out the details below.)

Sunday: Off/Rest

Monday: Reformer 1 Pilates class at Gainesville Health & Fitness Center + Bike ride to and from the center (about 60 minutes total)

Tuesday: Stadium conditioning class


  1. What’s your favorite group fitness class?

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Weekly Workout Plan + Sweat Pink Announcement
Weekly Workout Plan + Best Ab Workouts

Weekly Workout Plan + Best Ab Workouts

I have a confession to make – I’ve been neglecting my abs lately.

Cycle, lower body burnouts and shoulder exercises have been my jams lately, so pure ab workouts haven’t made an appearance on the weekly schedule in a while.

Every day is starting to feel like leg day, so I figured this week was a good time to include two core workouts in the plan described below. I also decided to rearrange my rest days since I’ll be at home this weekend.

Week of 10/16/13 – 10/22/13

Wednesday: Vinyasa yoga class + 45-Minute cycle class + 300 Abs 

Thursday: Explosive Leg Workout + 20 to 30 minutes of steady-state cardio

Friday: Puma Shoulder Burn + 35-Minute Incline Interval Treadmill Workout

Saturday: Off/rest

Sunday: Off/rest

Monday: 45-Minute cycle class + Song Workout for Abs and Obliques 

Tuesday: Stadium conditioning class

In addition to this plan, you’ll find five of my favorite ab workouts below. Try one of these quickie core workouts, and I promise you’ll sweat your butt off while feeling the burn!

Enjoy! 🙂

10 Minutes or Less Sweaty Ab Workout

10 Minutes Or Less Ab Workout!

Burnin’ Legs & Abs Circuit Workout

Burnin' Legs and Abs Circuit Workout

All-Star Abs Workout 

All-star Abs Workout 

Super Sweaty Ab Circuit Workout

Super Sweaty Ab Circuit Workout 

Standing Abs (video)

Standing Ab exercises- melt your muffin top!! -do this everyday and you can tell the difference in as little as 2 weeks!!

P.S. Does anyone want to join me for a 30-day ab challenge like the one pictured below?

Photo courtesy of peerFit 


  1. What are some of your favorite ab workouts or exercises?
  2. What’s on your fitness plan this week? 

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